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How to Catch a (Rock) Star by

Gabrielle Aquilina

Aspiring singer Lillie and American rock star Jed seem like the perfect fit from the moment they meet. The pair are inseparable, but Jed’s jet-set schedule of shows and after-parties limits the amount they can see each other. So when Jed invites Lillie to sing with his band on their tour, she says yes. Yes with some hesitation, that is. After finding out that her ex-boyfriend was hiding away a wife and child when they were dating, Lillie’s trust in men is fragile and she also suffers from severe stage fright. As the tour progresses, Jed and Lillie are fast becoming rock’s hottest couple but with obsessive fan girls, a claustrophobic tour bus and a resentful guitarist, things start taking a turn for the worse. Lillie’s dream of singing may have finally become a reality, but can it last? The odds are stacking up against them and then the unthinkable happens…
The book is the first one of a series. The second book will follow the story of Johnny, Jed's best friend.

What an intense ride!
     When we first meet Lillie, she is working a job she hates instead of pursuing a career as a singer as is her dream. She shares a flat with her bestie Kate who is also a working girl and hobbies as an artist.
     Lillie and Kate attend a gig at their local pub and this is where she meets Jed and the rest of The Dead Hour. Jed and Lillie have an immediate spark as do Chris (another member of TDH) and Kate. Jed asks her out on a date and their romance whirlwinds from there.
     Lillie and Kate end up tagging along with the band on tour, where they eventually hear her sing and beg her to sing with them. This leads to Lillie becoming a regular on stage with the guys. Kate’s artistic talents are eventually noticed and she too is a fixture of the band as they tour Europe.
     Jed and Lillie’s relationship remains passionate, but we begin to catch glimpses of something not quite right in paradise. Jed receives mysterious phone calls and texts, and is often moody for no apparent reason. Johnny, the guitarist in the band, is Jed’s best friend (and dare we hope a future star in a book of his own?). He seems to have an attraction to Lillie, but remains respectful and his carefree-live-in-the-moment nature keeps her smiling even through her worries about what’s going on with Jed.
     So, fast forward through chapters of emotional bonding with this interesting cast, gigs, meeting the families, and the twist hinted at throughout happens. Jed’s secret is out and given Lillie’s past, she’s having a lot of trouble dealing. Through a crazy series of events these two find their happily ever after threatened and as the story continues to unfold, I found myself wondering if their love would endure.
     I loved the emotional bond I formed with these characters. Secondary characters, thirdary characters, it didn’t matter, it was written in a way where I connected. I loved that Jed and Lillie were ordinary people with quirks and faults. This was a sweet read and I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a longer storyline that gives you time to emotional invest with the characters.

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